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Mark Gonzalez is a civil rights advocate and community organizer who currently serves as Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. As Chair, Mark has led the fight to pass laws to make housing more affordable, advance environmental justice, make community college free and expand access to quality healthcare for all. He also serves as District Director to Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, where he has helped pass crucial legislation for the COVID-19 response, immigration, workers protections, elections, and the economy.


In 2022, Mark helped lead the fight to pass a constitutional amendment in California protecting a woman’s right to access safe, legal abortion care. In 2023, he worked to pass a new law ensuring that all healthcare workers receive a minimum wage of $25/hour.


Mark grew up in Los Angeles as the son of a single mother in section 8 housing. Mark’s families’ struggles led him to a career as an organizer and advocate on behalf of his community. Mark lives in Chinatown, and unlike most politicians, he is a renter who understands the challenges faced by working families.

Now Mark is running for Assembly to raise wages for working families, tackle LA’s homelessness and housing affordability crises, and guarantee healthcare as a right for all.


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