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With reproductive freedom under attack across the country, Mark Gonzalez is fighting to protect access to safe, legal abortion for all. Mark helped lead the campaign to pass a state constitutional amendment protecting the right to abortion in California. In the Assembly, he will fight to increase funding for Planned Parenthood and expand access to quality, affordable reproductive health services. And Mark will work to strengthen protections for abortion care providers and patients who travel to California from states in which abortion is criminalized.



Mark Gonzalez has been a champion for working families throughout his career. Mark helped lead the successful fight to guarantee a $25/hour minimum wage for healthcare workers in California. He has joined striking workers on the picket lines fighting for living wages — from frontline nurses to Hollywood entertainment workers, hotel workers to public educators, classroom teachers and more. Mark also helped pass California’s free community college laws. In the Assembly, he will continue fighting to create good-paying union jobs — that’s why Mark is endorsed by nurses and frontline healthcare workers, firefighters, classroom teachers, construction workers and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.


Mark Gonzalez will work to guarantee healthcare as a right for all, so that everyone can get the care they need, when they need it. As president of a non-profit community health care clinic, Mark understands the importance of expanding access to quality care and mental health services, especially for working Californians and immigrant communities. That’s why he helped lead the fight to expand Medi-Cal benefits to all Californians, regardless of immigration status.



The homelessness crisis in California and L.A. County is out of control and demands urgent action from our elected leaders. That’s why Mark Gonzalez worked to increase the Homeless Assistance Program (HAP) benefit pay for families at risk of being homeless. In the Assembly, Mark will continue working with Mayor Bass to provide affordable housing, drug treatment, mental health, and job training support services to unhoused Californians — so we can clean up encampments in our communities. And he will invest in California’s new Care Courts to help get unhoused people with severe mental health issues off our streets and into the treatment facilities they need.


Mark Gonzalez is committed to keeping our neighborhoods safe, getting guns off our streets and out of the hands of criminals, and investing in programs to prevent violent crime and smash-and-grabs. Mark helped pass a law to expand California’s red flag laws to help keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a danger to themselves or others. In the Assembly, he will work to increase funding for firefighters and paramedics to reduce 911 emergency response times and improve neighborhood safety for seniors, families, and every community.



Mark Gonzalez is a renter who knows firsthand that too many people in our communities are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living and need help to stay in their homes. Mark has been a strong advocate for building more affordable housing, and he was an early champion of renter protections during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Assembly, he will increase rental assistance programs and tenant protections to keep renters in their homes. And he will continue working with Mayor Karen Bass to cut red tape and build more affordable housing faster and for less money.


Mark is a longtime champion for climate action, renewable energy, and environmental justice. He has taken on corporate polluters to protect our communities from toxic contamination and led the fight to secure nearly $300 million to clean up more than 10,000 homes in Latino communities contaminated by Exide Technologies. In the Assembly, Mark Gonzalez will work to invest in clean, renewable energy like wind and solar to combat climate change and create more good-paying jobs — and ensure clean air and water for the residents of our communities.

Climate Protest


Mark Gonzalez is a civil rights advocate who has spent his career fighting to protect the rights of women, immigrant communities, the LGBTQ+ community, and communities of color. Mark serves on the board of Equality California, the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organization. Mark also helped lead the campaign to pass a state constitutional amendment protecting the right to abortion in California. As Chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, Mark has also fought to protect the fundamental freedom to vote for all Angelenos.

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